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Thank you for your interest in becoming involved in CAPCSD. We are always interested in engaging representatives from member programs to participate on the CAPCSD Board and on our committees.

Please complete the information below so that we can learn more about you.  Information regarding positions and committees can be found at the end of this document or in the CAPCSD Policies and Procedures document.

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Volunteer Items

CAPCSD board and committee service runs July-June with varying roles and terms. Every year, the Nominations Committee sends the membership a call for nominations to fill expected vacancies in the upcoming year for the Conference Planning and CSDCAS Committees, and Board of Directors officers. Standing committees and Vice-President positions on the Board of Directors are appointed by the Board. Volunteers are encouraged to review board and committee responsibilities and terms of office in the CAPCSD Policies and Procedures Manual.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors this coming year (July 1 - June 30), or in the future, indicate below the position(s) for which you would consider:

Elected Positions


Appointed Positions

VP for Academic Affairs & Research Education
VP for Clinical Education Resource Development
VP or Organizational Advancement
VP for Program Resource Development
VP for Strategic Initiatives


Check the committee(s) below on which you would like to serve: 

Clinical Education Resources Committee
Conference Planning Committee
CSDCAS Committee (CSDCAS users only)
Honors and Awards Committee
Interprofessional Education (IPE) Committee
Leadership Academy Committee
Media Strategy Committee
Nominations Committee
Scholarship, Research, and Academics Committee
Membership Committee
DEI Committee

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