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Clinic Director (Director of Clinical Education)

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Clinic Director (Director of Clinical Education)

TYPE Clinic Director

The UH COMD SLP training program is diverse, vibrant, and cutting edge. With cohorts of ~40 MA students each year, we serve over 80clients (2-90 yrs old) on site in our University Speech-Language-Hearing clinic and nearly 600 in community and school settings. Additionally we provide several thousand hearing screenings each year. Clinical education is provided by both full-time clinical faculty and part-time SLPs. Located in Houston, one of the most diverse cities in the country, students get experiences working with a wide variety of clients from many different cultural, racial, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. 

Our physical clinic is in a building renovated in 2021 with state of the art video and a variety of rooms to accommodate traditional therapy as well as interactive and social spaces. One of the best parts of UH COMD and the USLHC is the people. There is a culture of hard work, respect, dedication, friendship, and fun.


Directs, administers and controls the day-to-day activities of the University of Houston's Speech Language-Hearing Clinic (USLHC) operations includes both the student training program.    

  1. Formulates, implements and maintains appropriate policies and procedures for Speech and Hearing Clinic, A United Way Facility; consults with prospective clients and site supervisors, sets fees for services, manages clinic facility   
  2. Responsible for daily operations of clinic which includes student training and the scheduling of and delivery of clinic services. Teaches Clinical Procedures class and attends faculty and staff meetings.
  3.    Assists the College Chair in enhancing the quality of both the clinic's service delivery and training functions.
  4.    Responsible for development and implementation of vision and scope for clinical training and service delivery for both United Way and the student training clinic.
  5.    Develops new and innovative programs for community outreach, secures new external training sites and community services opportunities.
  6.    Develops business and marketing plans to promote clinic services and identify new markets for service delivery, meets and coordinates with community professionals, United Way administration and ensures proper reporting to meet United Way requirements.
  7.    Provides oversight and supervision of clinical supervisors. Organizes and conducts training of clinicians and staff including but not limited to HIPPA, CPR, infectious disease prevention as well as continuing education activities for clinical supervisors and faculty.
  8.    Ensures Compliance with ASHA Accreditation standards and HIPPA and FERPA regulations in the daily clinic operations and in development of grant funding. Secures and manages grant funding to support current clinical activities and develop new clinical programs.
  9.    Conducts clinical research, facilitates student research, executes and analyzes customer satisfaction surveys and TQA program.

Additional Info

Contact Email :

Contact Phone : 713-743-2894

Instructions : Submit application including Resume, Cover Letter/Letter of Application, Letters of Recommendation to:

Application Deadline : 12/11/2023

Contact Name : Peggy Blake

Contact Address : 3871 Holman Street
Room M156
Houston, TX 77204-6018

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