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Director of Clinical Training, Speech-Language Pathology - Dallas Campus

Director of Clinical Training, Speech-Language Pathology - Dallas Campus

DISCIPLINE Speech-Language Pathology TYPE Clinic Director

  • Are you interested in helping to create and establish a new Speech-Language Pathology graduate program? The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is expanding

    their services on their health sciences campus in the Dallas area and is looking for a founding Director of Clinical Training to support our new Master of Science in 

    Speech-Language Pathology graduate program. In this administrative role, you will establish relationships with community based SLPs and build a variety of practicum 

    training opportunities for our graduate students. You will also be supporting the development of an on-site, interdisciplinary clinic. There are lots of opportunities for 

    creativity and student support in this growing program!

  • Job Description:The Director of Clinical Training for the Dallas’ Speech-Language Pathology graduate program oversees the internship/practicum experiences for the 
    students in a speech-language pathology graduate program. This new program is an Applicant for Candidacy with the Council on Academic Accreditation for Audiology 
    and Speech-Language Pathology programs.The Director of Clinical Training, MS SLP collaborates with other Directors of Training and acts as a liaison between the 
    academic program administration and faculty, the training sites, and the students. This position directly reports to the MS SLP Department Chair and has a secondary 
    reporting relationship with the Director of the Office of Placement and Training – Chicago Campus.

    Key Responsibilities:

    Develop and maintain partnerships with a network of practicum/internship sites, as well as relationships with site supervisors;

    • Develop, improve, and maintain the academic quality of the clinical courses, and maintain alliance with core competencies and assessments for the MS SLP program;

    • Serve as the Course Instructor for the Clinical Methods and Observation course

    • Support the Practicum Seminar courses;

    • Oversee the education of all students engaging in the practicum/internship processes and practices;

    • Oversee record keeping requirements for all students engaging in practicum/internship processes and practices;

    • Consult with students who are encountering issues related to their internship/practicum experience;

    • Manage the flow of information regarding students’ progress, as well as concerns, to academic department chairs, faculty, and/or practicum/internship sites;

    • Write measurable development plans for students that require extra support during practicum/internship;

    • Oversee the review of internship/practicum evaluations and maintain alignment with program’s Student Learning Assessment data as well as accreditation requirements;

    • Consult on the development of new professional practice initiatives and projects;

    • Maintain knowledge of best practices related to training as well as evolving requirements within the field;

    • Gather and maintain student placement rates for practicum and internship;

    • Coordinate and align the evaluation of supervision activities on and off campus

    • Support students providing SLP services at on on-site, interdisciplinary clinic;

    • Participate on a Faculty Council committee;

    • Participate in department-level strategic planning;

    • Interact and communicate successfully with a diverse population;

    • Act in a way that embodies the mission, vision and values of The Chicago School;

    • Adhere to all confidentiality requirements;

    • Other faculty duties as assigned by Department Chair and/or Director of the Office of Placement and Training – Chicago Campus;

    • Teach six credit hours per year.

    Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Maintain a professional appearance and conduct oneself in respectful and ethical manner;

    • Organize and manage paperwork and engage interpersonally with a multitude of sites, supervisors, and students;

    • Ability to manage multiple projects with multiple deadlines while meeting or exceeding expectations;

    • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintain them over time;

    • Ability to assist students in development of practicum training experiences that meet CAA and ASHA standards;

    • Engage with new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making;

    • Listen actively, give full attention to what other people are saying, take time to understand the points being made, ask questions as appropriate, and model high standards of appropriate communication in the workplace;

    • Think critically to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems;

    • Communicate ideas and information effectively in both verbal and written form;

    • Ability to adapt to changing circumstances, needs, and demands;

    • Manage one's own time and the time of others effectively;

    • Ability to motivate, develop, and direct people as they work, identify the best people for the job;

    • Knowledge of local and national training and licensing requirements;

    • Understanding and ability to navigate multiple levels of program hierarchies;

    • Computer Proficiency

      • MS Office

      • Excel

      • Calipso

      • Zoom

      • Etc.

    • Proven success as a decision-maker in a collaborative, highly metricized environment with multiple direct and indirect reporting structures throughout the organization;

    • Demonstrated ability to successfully manage and lead a culturally diverse student body;

    • Stakeholder collaboration experience, with the ability to quickly develop and manage both internal and external relationships across cultural and geographical boundaries; the ability to use a collaborative model to leverage resources effectively;

    • Willingness to travel and access to a vehicle for travel to practicum sites as needed;

    • Express a general enthusiasm for training and previous experience in training of speech-language pathology students.

    Desired Skills and Abilities

    • The ideal candidate will have experience with MS SLP program development, administration, and ASHA accreditation;

    • Familiarity with CAA & CFCC standards;

    • Prior experience in a leadership role in health services, education, or college environment;

    • Ability to project and maintain a positive public image;

    • Ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders (ex. clients, families, faculty, students, college administration, community).

    Position Qualifications

    • Doctoral degree from an accredited program in Speech-Language Pathology (or the equivalent)

    • 2 -3 years of professional training/supervision experience (e.g., previously has served as an Assistant Director of Clinical Training or Training Director, been a supervisor at an approved practicum/internship site)

    • 2- 3 years of graduate teaching experience

    • Licensed in the State of Texas or eligible to become licensed in the State of Texas

    • Experience with CAA candidacy accreditation procedures a plus

Additional Info

Contact Name : Dr. Teresa Cardon - Department Chair

Contact Address : 2101 Waterview Pkwy, Richardson, TX 75080

Contact Email :

Contact Phone : 469-941-8374

Instructions : Please apply at the following link:

The position is open until filled. Estimated start date is January 2, 2023.

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