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Dear CAPCSD Members:


I hope you all are well and were able to enjoy some time away with friends and family this summer. 


The CAPCSD Board of Directors has been busy planning for the upcoming year.  In July, we welcomed Katie Strong as President Elect, Erin Lundblom as VP of Online Professional Education, and Christie Needham as Secretary. We also thanked Mike Bamdad, Past President, Mark DeRuiter, VP of Online Professional Development, and JoAnne Cascia, Secretary, for their dedication, service, and thoughtful contributions to CAPCSD during their time on the Board.  We also said a huge thank you to Deborah Ortiz as she stepped down as CAPCSD Executive Director and welcomed Ned Campbell to the role. 


As we all prepare for Fall, many academic programs are addressing the recent Supreme Court decision that ruled against using race as a basis for admission to a college or university. As your program navigates admissions questions, CAPCSD is here to support you.  The Board of Directors is working together to create a list of resources that may be helpful to your program. In the meantime, see our “Admissions Corner” in each monthly newsletter for helpful tips and facts.


I hope you enjoy the excitement that students bring to a new academic year and that we all take time to reflect on the impactful work we do every day to help students reach their dreams and meet their full potential.   



Jennifer Simpson



Introducing the 2023-2024 CAPCSD Board of Directors

I am pleased to introduce the 2023-2024 CAPCSD Board of Directors. The board hit the ground running at their July board meeting as they welcomed new board members and started working on projects for the year. The 2023-2024 Board of Directors:

  • Jennifer Simpson, President
  • Jennifer Taylor, Past President
  • Katie Strong, President Elect (New)
  • Christie Needham, Secretary (New)
  • Ashley Harkrider, Treasurer
  • Rachel Theodore, VP of Admissions
  • Kevin McNamara, VP of Clinical Education
  • Erin Lundblom, VP of Online Professional Development (New)
  • Maya Clark, VP of Organizational Advancement
  • Tricia Montgomery, VP of Professional Development
  • Shubha Kashinath, VP of Research and Academic Affairs

You can find more information about the board members on the CAPCSD website.  Please reach out to the appropriate board member if you ever have any questions.


Ned Campbell
Executive Director



Welcome Mandie McKenzie
CAPCSD's New Director of Professional Development

Mandie began working in the role of Director of Professional Development for CAPCSD in June 2023. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of planning and delivering the Annual Conference and Academies, Board of Directors meetings, Conference Planning Committee meeting, Business Meetings, and online professional development events. Mandie serves as the staff liaison to the Conference Planning Committee, Online Professional Development Committee, and Clinical Education Committee.


Mandie has had extensive opportunities managing meetings, events and conferences in a destination management company, nonprofit organization, city government agency, and two professional associations, in both professional and volunteer capacities.


In 2010, she joined Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and began serving as a volunteer with the North Florida Chapter. Mandie served on the Board of Directors and worked with other Florida chapter leaders on a statewide committee for the state's regional conference. She earned her Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) professional designation through the Events Industry Council in 2014. She is a member of both MPI and American Society of Association Executives.


Outside work, Mandie enjoys spending time with her husband, Joe, and their children, Owen and Ella. She loves reading, watching true crime shows, creating table settings, and cheering on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Admissions Corner

Supreme Court Decision

Like many across the country, we are concerned about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding affirmative action policies for college admissions. This decision has the potential to thwart promoting diversity in our profession, in which equity in the admissions process is crucial. We acknowledge the potential harm to minoritized applicants to our programs and the challenges that this decision may bring to those in admissions.


The CAPCSD Admissions and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committees are working to curate resources for programs that will support and advance equity in admissions while being in compliance with the Supreme Court decision. These resources will be announced in a newsletter by January 2024. In the meantime, we provide the following:


  1. Any program that wishes to modify their CSDCAS profile should reach out to Megan Woods (mwoods@capcsd.org), who will work with you to implement any changes requested by your administration and/or admissions committees.
  2. We remind you that through the “Work Groups” feature in CSDCAS, any aspect of an applicant’s profile, such as responses to the race and ethnicity questions or test scores, can be masked to faculty, staff, and any other admissions reviewers. You can find guidance in the WebAdMIT help center.
  3. Liaison, our CSDCAS partner, hosted a training webinar on “Navigating the SCOTUS Affirmative Action Decision with WebAdMIT.” You can view it in the Liaison training academy library.
  4. We direct you to the statement provided by Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona, which underscores that “leadership and commitment to ensuring our educational institutions reflect the vast and rich diversity of our people are needed now more than ever.”
  5. We direct you to the Fact Sheet provided by President Biden, which acknowledges that equal opportunity is not present across our country, and provides formative suggestions for promoting equity in college admissions in light of the Supreme Court decision. These suggestions include giving serious consideration to adversities that applicants have overcome, including the financial means of an applicant or their family, where a student grew up, and personal experiences of hardship or discrimination that the applicant may have faced.

Finally, we reiterate that, as stated in the CAPCSD Response to Racism and Injustice, “CAPCSD is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equality for all member programs and the professions that we support.” CAPCSD will continue to demonstrate this commitment in admissions, including offering a second Admissions Summit in conjunction with the 2024 CAPCSD Conference, led by Dr. Danai Kasambira Fanin and Dr. Kerry Mandulak, that provides training in implementing holistic review procedures for CSD.



Rachel M. Theodore, Vice President of Admissions, vpa@capcsd.org

Maya Clark, Vice President of Organizational Advancement, vpoa@capcsd.org

Teresa Girolamo, Chair, DEI Committee, tgirolamo@sdsu.edu

Megan Woods, Director of Centralized Admissions, mwoods@capcsd.org


Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of officer candidates to present to the CAPCSD Board of Directors for approval with a final vote by the CAPCSD member programs. The nomination process is an open call to all members. The evaluation process considers the abilities, experiences, and backgrounds of the candidates to develop a slate of candidates with individuals to serve and represent the mission of CAPCSD from across member programs. In the fall, this year's committee will send a call for volunteers interested in serving as president-elect and treasurer beginning July 2024.  

  • Cara Boester (Committee Chair) is Director of Clinical Experiences for Speech-Language Pathology in the CSD Department at Illinois State University.
  • Ann Eddins is Professor and Director in the school of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Central Florida.
  • Elaine Mormer is Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Education in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Cara Boester

Ann Eddins

Elaine Mormer


Process to Volunteer on a CAPCSD Committee

Every year, CAPCSD sends a call for volunteers to serve on one of its many committees. Beginning in early 2024, we will now send one call for volunteers that includes all committees with openings beginning in July 2024. The email will provide information with the duties of each committee, the time commitment, and desired qualifications. CAPCSD members will have access to the application so they can apply to the committee(s) for which they would like to be considered. CAPCSD committee members serve a two-year term that begins July 1st.  Be on the lookout after the first of the year for the application and timeline.


2024 CAPCSD Conference


Call for Papers

The 2024 Annual Conference will be held on Wednesday, April 3rd - Saturday, April 6th, 2024 at the New Orleans Marriott in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The theme is Jazz it Up: Ascending to New Heights.  The call for papers/posters will open on September 8th, 2023. The seven (7) content topics for the conference are: 


  • Pedagogy: Effective pedagogical techniques to improve critical thinking, counseling skills, and overall communication
  • DEI: Advanced application of DEI principles (concrete examples of implementation and application to accreditation)
  • SOTL: Clinical examples of evidence-based practice: Applications of SOTL
  • Collaborative Research: results from collaborative research efforts (including students in research, bridging researcher-clinician gap)
  • Creative Clinical Models: using alternative approaches to help students gain clinical competencies
  • Formative and Summative Assessments: effective means for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data
  • Core Content Teaching: innovative approaches to delivering undergraduate CSD core curriculum


Watch your email on September 8th for complete information on the call for papers/posters.  


2023 ASHA Awards


Congratulations to the following CAPCSD members

who received a 2023 ASHA Award.

Honors of the Association 

  • Teri James Bellis - Retired
  • Catherine J. Crowley
  • Yvette D. Hyter
  • Lynn Williams

Fellowship of the Association 

  • María A. Centeno-Vázquez
  • Kerry D. Ebert
  • Kelly Farquharson
  • Lizbeth H. Finestack
  • Rodney Gabel
  • Elaine A. Mormer
  • Debra Schober-Peterson
  • Katie A. Strong
  • Jessica R. Sullivan
  • Geralyn R. Timler
  • Michelle S. Troche

Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions in Clinical Achievement 

  • Selena B. Snowden

Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Higher Education 

  • Jennifer C. Friberg
  • Stacy Kaplan

Early Career Contributions in
Research Award 

  • Corinne A. Jones

Upcoming Events - Save the Date! 

Neurodiversity and Ableism in CSD Programs

Thursday, September 21, 2023

5:30 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. ET

Speakers: Jenna Heffron, Ph.D., OTR/L and Timotheus “T.J.” Gordon Jr., MFA, M.S. 

More information and registration coming soon.

Enrollment Management - Yes, Even CSD Programs Need to Think About This!

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. ET

Speaker: Julie Masterson, Ph.D.

Register here 

Project Impact

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. ET

Speakers: Lauren Calandruccio, Ph.D., and Jessica Sullivan, Ph.D. 

Admissions and Student Success Series 
Part 1 - Interviewing for Student Success

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. ET

Speaker: Christine Carmichael, Ph.D., CCC-SLP 


Part 2 - Interviewing for Student Success, A Panel Discussion

Date/Time: TBD

Speaker: Christine Carmichael, Ph.D., CCC-SLP 

Part 3 - Admissions Accessibility 

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

4:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M. ET


Part 4 - Critical Instruction Design and Social Justice

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

4:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M. ET

Speaker: Rae Mancilla, Ed.D.